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Success Driven

Our Mission Is to Operate Your Asset

Merge Management realizes there are no shortcuts in managing your multifamily portfolio. Our mission is to operate Your Asset with honesty and integrity, while achieving your goals and objectives. We accomplish this through the support and services we provide to our employees, Our Talent, through a rewarding employment experience. But, most importantly of all, we provide a happy home and Merge-quality living environment with superior customer service to your residents.

No Property Type Eludes Us

Merge Management has operational experience in an array of property types, including Conventional, HUD 221 (d) 4, Affordable (LIHTC, Bond, HOME, and HUD), Student, and Independent Senior. Our team is trained to navigate the complexities that come along with the management of multifamily Portfolio, and we aim to assist you in making the most of your important investment. Through our team’s expertise, experience, and eagerness, we always work towards achieving the best results for our clients.

Operational Experience Is a Given

Similar to our expertise in various property types, Merge Management also holds a wealth of knowledge in a vast range of operational services, such as lease-ups, interior and exterior renovations, asset repositioning, and handling distressed Portfolio. Located in Coppell, Texas, Merge Management boasts an extensive portfolio, showcasing our expertise in these arenas with services provided across the Southeastern region of the United States, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area.

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