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Merge Management realizes that the best way to ensure a property performs at its maximum potential is by having the best talent on-board to operate the asset. Our hiring process begins with strategic recruiting efforts and continues with on-going training and a consistent review process. Every Merge associate is chosen for their talents in their given position and their ability to add value to a multi-million-dollar asset. Only the best are recruited and hired to become a part of the Merge team.

Aside from our talent pool, Merge Management believes the key to optimizing financial performance is through a specific set of operating strategies. While these strategies may not be unique, they are core to the way we run our business. Revenue management is just one of these core strategies. By regularly adjusting rents based on supply and demand, applying concessions only when warranted, controlling lease expiration dates, and implementing premium pricing for location, view, and features, revenue can be maximized.

Because our company understands the value of the client relationship and its importance in achieving the financial goals of the property, Merge Management takes the time to carefully listen and understand your goals, in order to prepare an effective management plan. Once implemented, key data is constantly analyzed to ensure those goals are consistently being met. Like any successful property management company, communication is considered vital to our organization, and we will never leave a client wondering about the progress and performance of their assets. With these ideologies, Merge Management continues to enjoy success in the multifamily space.

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